26 May 2011

Bloody Immigrants!

Waves of persistent immigrants hopped off the battered boats and made their way into the nearest towns in the south, initially unchecked at the coast by the residents, merchants and churchmen and aimed to claim whatever they could from their strange new home, the fertile land of Britain.

They looked, acted and sounded different- a major threat to established, age-old societies and customs, aiming to use the best of what their new homeland had to offer, and thus were soon despised by the Britons- who would defend their homes, their kinsfolk and land with violence, if necessary!

None of the new arrivals could have had a wash in a long while, if ever - and none could speak the native tongue, nor perhaps even tried once here? They slowly took over...

Before long there was intense social conflict across the country, and 'they' would overtake the main body of the very country itself by force, a large number killing, looting and raping!

These rapacious, feared and 'bloody' immigrants were... The Angles, Saxons, Frisians and Jutes!

See how the redtop 'media' daily papers work??